Bed Bug Control

ThermoTreat for your business

Our ThermoTreat heat treatment for bed bugs represents the cutting edge of heat treatment equipment. Used also for heat treatment of bed bugs and SPI and for drying of buildings for booklouse and plaster beetle control

Heat Treatment

Speedy Pest Control now offer our own heat treatment services either working directly with food manufacturers or hotel groups.

Our heat treatment technology has been used for the control of insect problems in almost any situation from flour mills, bakeries, and other food factories, to bed bugs in hotels, aircraft and private homes, to wood worm treatments in houses and of course kiln services for ISPM 15.

Heated gas chambers are a solution to the problem of high treatment times using Phosphine gas – our system reduces treatment times to a few days. This process is already in commercial use treating bulk product that is suspected of being infested before being taken into the factory.

bed bugs heat treatment

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