Responsibility is the action we take to ensure we are not only a responsible employer towards our colleagues, but that we also recognise and manage our impact on the wider environment and community.

We are committed to acting in a responsible manner ensuring that:

  • Recognises and embraces the diversity of society helps us to make better decisions for citizens and consumers; to make communications work for everyone.
  • Valuing, promoting and encouraging diversity creates a more engaged and efficient workforce.
  • Being socially and environmentally responsible reduces our operational costs and builds closer links with our local community.

As an employer, we:

  • Treat all colleagues with the dignity and respect they are entitled to.
  • Promote equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender reassignment, marital / civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, religion / belief, or sexual orientation.
  • Consider our economic, social and environmental impacts, and encourage our colleagues to adopt responsible behaviour.
  • Inspire and develop our colleagues and ensure we are rooted within our local community.

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