Investing in our people to achieve our new strategy.

We are strengthening employee skills, communication and engagement and assuring a safe working environment so that we can enable and empower our people to achieve our new strategy. We are committed to engage, develop, reward and recognise our people.

The strength and depth of our talent management processes came to the fore in 2015 with the launch of our new strategy and the restructuring of our business lines to enhance our customer focus.

In 2016, we will continue to develop the capabilities required to build Speedy Group of services, putting in place new business services management and business development teams to support the new strategy.

Maintaining Health & Safety as a Priority.

Nothing is more important than our employees' health and safety and safety is one of our core values. We are determined to drive continuous improvement in safety performance: our objective is zero accidents.

Although we operate in many sectors, local standards, both in terms of regulation and accepted best practice, we want to achieve a consistent standard much higher than mere compliance. We are seeking to implement best-in-class health and safety systems across all of our operations to ensure we improve our performance, we have just achieved cepa certification for our pest control division, (the first company in Scotland). Our objective is zero accidents.

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