About Speedy Group.

Speedy Group is a business services company working in the specialist services sectors from Pest Control, Disinfection, Hygiene and Washroom Services serving business and households across the UK.


We regularly invite feedback from customers about our services and innovations. Our internal processes then take that feedback and implement any improvements needed.


We are enabling and empowering our people to create a better business and a great place to work. We are committed to engage, develop, reward and recognise our people.


To achieve our vision and mission, all our employees – from senior management to front-line staff – are driven by a set of values that inform how we act on a day-to-day basis.


Corporate responsibility helps us deliver our business strategy, retain and attract customers, increase efficiency and build trust in our community.

Our Team

At Speedy Group, our success depends on the talents and dedication of our people. We have exceptionally trained and highly motivated people to pursue our companies full potential.

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  • Saf Ahmed

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  • Robert Howat

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  • Bouchraa Boudraa

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What We Do

Our Services

Speedy Group is a business services company comprising a number of specialist services divisions.

  • Pest Control
    Speedy Pest Control are your local pest control experts, covering the UK. We are experienced in pest control services for domestic and commercial…
  • Disinfection
    SpeedySan is an innovative, eco minded company providing a range of powerful solutions for broad spectrum disinfection and micro biological control. We satisfy the…
  • ThermoTreat
    ThermoTreat is at the leading edge of pest prevention, applying a range of cutting edge treatment techniques and providing the most suitable pest control…
  • Inspections
    Our gas inspection services for containers. Entering freight containers represents a significant hazard to staff responsible for inspection, devanning, stuffing or destuffing because…
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